Clubs etc.

Finnish Kennel Club
Swedish Kennel Club
Finnish Poodle Club
Finnish Poodle Club - Turku
Swedish Poodle Club
Norwegian Poodle Club
Estonian Poodle Club
Poodle Club of America
Poodles In Scandinavia
Dog Breeders
in Europe
Poodlefriends in Finland
A'cot Luver's
Chase Poodles
Kennel Featuring
LB Jolie
Parvus Poodles
Sarahill Poodles
Soltar's Poodles & Italian Greyhounds
Trucker's Poodles
Poodlefriends abroad
Kennel Barclay - U.S.A
Diza Fleich - Russia
Evaks - Russia
Kennel Feeorin - Sweden
From Olionshouse - Belgium
Kennel Hallaby - Australia
Kennel Pandorans - Sweden
Kennel Polosport - Estonia
Yamit Muskat - Russia
Other friends
Aapo and Iipo - miniature schnauzers
Kennel Buoyant - miniature schnauzers
Merja Koskela & American Cockers
Miia Lauronen
König Pet Products
Salla Suokas