"Pellu"My poodle history started 1990 when my family bought a black dwarf female “Pellu”. This female was not like the poodle I am seeing nowadays, but at that time she was of course the best and very special to me.

1994 I met Sanna Koponen (kennel Trucker´s) and my “apricot coloured life” started. We were in an agility course at the same time and Sanna had a puppy with her. This dog was Backseat Driver´s Marco Polo “Nedu”. NeduNedu was already 6 months at that time. Next day we drove to see his breeder, Ms. Marleena Nummi and that was it… It was not supposed to happen but I signed the papers and took the little boy home with me. Nedu had already been entered to a show so this is how everything started – by accident. Nedu was Best of breed puppy in his first show and I was really proud of him, of course.

After Nedu became FIN CH he was not shown at all before Veteran class, but I still went to shows with Sanna and enjoyed every minute.

As my first poodle was a pet, I had no idea what grooming really ment. I was lucky, because Sanna spent a lot of time teaching me. We started showing dogs together sharing great moments travelling around Finland and also abroad.

JesseIn the year 1996 there was a litter born in Russia after Backseat Driver´s Inside Joke. One male puppy came to Finland from this litter. This Bibilott Immigrant “Jesse” came to live with my family. Today he is living with my parents and grandmother.

 Sanna called me once and asked my opinion about getting a Danish apricot male. This happened in 1999. I did not need a long time to think, and we decided to take him. So Hestebakkens Golden Rambler from Hanne Andreasen flew here from Denmark. I went to get this little boy from the airport and what a lovely surprise it was! In the box was a very promising puppy who did not understand a word I was saying.

RamblerLuckily I had these older dogs so Rambler could follow their example in everyday routines. Mostly it was Nedu who did all the work, because he was the only one actually living with me. Rambler started his show career very well and has still been winning in big shows. During the year 2002 Rambler achieved most of his tittles in Finland and around Baltic countries.

  During an exotic buss trip to Poznan, Poland, EuW-00 show, Sanna asked if I would like to have Vicky. As Vicky was already very familiar to me it was easy to say yes. So from that moment on I have had the pleasure to have this great personality at my home. At the same time I was made a co-owner of Kennel Trucker´s. The following next few years I spent travelling around with Vicky and Rambler.
Vicky and Rambler made a litter of five puppies in 2002. At This time Nedu went to stay with a friend of mine because he is not very fond of puppies, at first he was supposed to stay there only a while, but this “while” is still going on... From this litter I kept one female Trucker´s Got What U Need, “Hannele” at home. As Vicky started to retire from show rings, Hannele started to show what she is made of . The beginning of her show career looks very promising.

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